Unlock your data and discover the questions you didn’t know needed asking.

At DDC AS, we understand the value of data and the business-critical insights it can provide. We are continually looking at providing the most advanced and efficient data analytics tools to our clients in order to support their development.

As a member of The DDC Group, we have access to over 12 operational centres around the world, with a multilingual workforce that speak over 40 languages. This has helped us to develop software for international markets that has delivered an exceptional level of business improvement and understanding for many of our clients, just ask them!

So, which Discovery solution can support your business today?



Our Discovery Suite

  • OneView

    Bring together a complete customer profile to improve efficiencies and resource allocation.

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  • RiskView

    RiskView will identify documents that contain data that puts your company at risk.

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  • SmartView

    Forensic tools to find the answers otherwise hidden.

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  • ClearView

    Otherwise known as Fuzzy Matching. The process of matching address data to avoid duplication.

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Our fundamental business driver is to produce methods to collect, organise, analyse and present the value hidden in plain sight within sets of unstructured data. Our solutions are suitable for any company handling big data, it’s our adaptability that makes us so valuable to our clients.

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