About Us

DDCAS is a leading provider in automated information management and discovery, information compliance, data investigations and more.

Our powerful platform leverages your big, complex, unstructured data to deliver transformational insights, accelerate decisions and provide enriched workflows.

While dashboards and snapshots bring value to marketers and analysts, they can be insufficient for decision makers who need to see how all of the data links together and what that means for their business.

DDCAS aims to transform the way organisations use their data, translating it into insightful information and delivering critical business insights. The volume and complexity of the data makes it difficult to connect the dots that lead to smart decision making.

What makes us different, is that we take completely fresh approach to finding the relevant solutions for our clients. Our software is applicable across many industries and we continue to revolutionise the way we improve our client’s businesses.

The DDC Group

As part of the well-established, global outsourcing company, The DDC Group, all DDCAS solutions can be deployed worldwide. Adapting to the jurisdictions and frameworks of your country, producing dashboards and insights to suit your requirements.

Our Brands

With a range of brands to provide a tailored service, The DDC Group prides itself on its adaptability to the market offering solutions that help our clients gain a competitive advantage. Visit our group website to learn more about our services and the sectors we support.