Data: Defining or Divisive

14th October 2019

In reading the recent article from Computer Weekly on aligning data privacy with business objectives, it got us to thinking about our experiences with clients and prospects.

Reflection is often important in defining business strategy, and we are no different. So, we asked, how have our experiences as a multinational organisation (The DDC Group), defined our approached and moreover, influenced our clients.

The GDPR has been transformational any which way we look at it, right or wrong, great or tragic. Things have changed; our very perception of data has changed. For us, operating across Asia, American and Europe the GDPR impact was complex. As many multinational organisations will agree, explaining a policy you scarcely understand yourself to Bob in America is no easy task.

What made our approach so successful was bringing everyone along the journey. From IT to Marketing, all areas of the business influenced our data security strategy. It isn’t uncommon chatting to our network to hear different answers and beliefs from within the same organisation, simply because their journey has been one of instruction rather than collaborations. So, Lesson 1: make data security collaborative and relevant to all, not just those who have too!

As a group, our history and very much our present stems from data capture and as an analytics software developer, we then make that data useful. Data is key for our very existence, and 30 years on we’d like to think we know a thing or two. That is why we saw GDPR as an opportunity rather than a threat to our business. It increased our efforts in ongoing reviews of our data estate. We questioned every system and process in place. What is that data, what’s its purpose, where is it going? Some things changed; many didn’t. At the end of it though, we had a data estate looking healthier than ever, but even more importantly, we made that data as useful as possible. So, Lesson 2: Don’t see GDPR as a restriction on your data, but an opportunity to improve it.

What lessons if any do you think you’ve taken from the changes?

As you can tell, we take data seriously; frankly we have to! Moreover, we enjoy it, so let’s get talking about data openly, and you’ll be surprised at how we might be able to make your data headache a data advantage!

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