Don’t be blindsided by your organisations handling of data

31st July 2019

Whilst the news that many CEO’s are not being informed that their companies aren’t GDPR compliant caused surprise across the C-suite world, it was of no surprise to us here at DDC AS.

When the GDPR was announced, as data software specialists, the impact was instantly clear to us, the sheer scope of it transformational in many ways. True to our innovative nature the answer was to develop a tool to handle the many issues set to arise. Welcome, RiskView.

Hopefully by now – you have come across RiskView and are aware of its extensive features and benefits. All designed to avoid scenarios like the above, as descried by IT ProPortal.

The key things as a CEO you need to know about this tool and how it can help protect you and your business:

  • Insider threats are avoided by analysing how your employees are using and sharing sensitive information.
  • Gain visibility with automated reports and procedures.
  • Find out where your data is at risk, and act on it in priority order, all provided by RiskView.

Don’t be one of the c-suite members caught unaware, act now.

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