GDPR was just the beginning

3rd September 2019

January 2020 will see the introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), this will be the first act of its kind within the USA. Other US States have also started announcing their data protection regulations.

Many other countries outside of Europe and the USA have also announced their plans to amend or adopt data protection and privacy laws.

The global implementation of data privacy laws and the shift towards a more holistic approach to security helps organisations to stay ahead of threats and better protect their employees, clients and reputation.

Businesses must be more aware and cautious about how they store and use the information they have been trusted with; businesses collect a lot of information which must be protected by layers of security to prevent the data being stolen and used maliciously.

“This past year, privacy and data protection importance increased dramatically. Data is the new currency, and as the market shifts, we see organisations realising real business benefits from their investments in protecting their data,” said Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer, Cisco.

Businesses must know where their data is in order to protect it effectively. If for example, a customer emails personal information to a member of the customer services team, that data is then stored within an unprotected and unstructured data repository and will likely remain there for the foreseeable future unless it is properly deleted. This happens all of the time, and over years this repository can become a hive for sensitive personal information.

Knowing where your data is and who has access to it is a fundamental part of ensuring the protection of data that you have been trusted with.

Threats have evolved and will continue to become even more sophisticated; therefore, standard security measures and policies must be in place. The GDPR and the upcoming US regulations are ensuring that every company works towards putting the correct security practices in place to provide a good level of data protection, putting the data rights of the individual at the forefront of all security considerations.

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