Is GDPR now being taken more seriously?

12th August 2019

There was no hiding from the hype made around the introduction of the GDPR but many hid away from acting on it. Many elected to wait to see how serious the ICO would take the new regulation.

It has transpired in recent weeks with the intent to fine both British Airways and Marriott that the regulation is now being taken very seriously. Two huge firms, proving the ICO aren’t afraid of the ‘big guns.’

The reality is that the GDPR grace period is now over and the ICO are taking action not only with large companies but also smaller companies and individuals who have failed to protect the personal data that they have been trusted with.

GDPR enforcement has caught momentum and whilst any data breach is bad news, the silver lining of this news is that; 60% believe that the recent fines would cause their organisation to take GDPR more seriously*.

*A Twitter poll conducted by Tripwire.

These signs are encouraging, the GDPR was introduced to drive better business-supporting practices to help protect the personal data of individuals. So not only do businesses adhere to the regulation, but they protect their reputation and give themselves a competitive advantage by inspiring more confidence in their integrity as a business.

Those firms who are now sitting up and looking to act to secure their data, those playing catch up if you will, what can they do? Not many are lucky enough to have resource spare to handle this manually. Where do businesses start to ensure that they comply with the regulation?

RiskView removes much of the manual work involved in becoming compliant. By scanning your devices for sensitive information, your company is better informed of its risk, helping you to understand your exposure and providing you with the data you need to mitigate this risk. Find out more.


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