Anti-Phishing Service

Check any email. At any time.

Helping our communities in the fight against online crime.

One of the unfortunate consequences of a global pandemic such as Covid-19 is the rise of fraudulent activities. With an increase in sophistication from fraudsters even before the crisis – we recognise that it can be hard to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent organisations.

Whilst normally The DDC Group provides Business Process Outsourcing solutions, we recognise the threat posed by cyber criminals. As a group, we are intent on providing this service free of charge in order to help our communities & organisations.

With our easy-to-use & free service, The DDC Group is proud to help our communities fight against online crime. We have produced an intelligent & automated process that allows for quick analysis of emails that may be fraudulent in nature.

Directions Of Use:

  • Our systems shall analyse the email to check for its authenticity
  • We shall return the original email to you with our advice on how to proceed.

Make informed decisions quickly, understand your exposure to risk and protect your organisation,
your employees and your clients from potential data leakage and theft.

Our return email will always include the line “DDC Anti-phishing Service: Your results are in. (FW: Free phishing email check)” in the subject title so that you know it is always safe to open.

Whilst we do not store any of the original emails, we do also ask you NOT to include any personal or sensitive information. 

This service provided by the DDC Group is an advisory service only. Whilst we may recommend actions on the back of our analysis – we cannot take liability for any action taken by the customer.

Mistakes can happen – If you have clicked on any links that appear fraudulent, we also highly recommend that you run antivirus software on your device & change all your online passwords.

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Please note – with the impending release of the NHS’ Track and Trace COVID-19 app it is important to remain vigilant with regards to online crime. If you receive an email from the NHS telling you to isolate – it is important that you verify it is real.The current NHS app email domain is It is important that you check any emails regarding Track and Trace are sent from this email domain.  The NHS will never ask you to download any software; make any form of payment or provide a premium rate number (for example, those starting with 09 or 087) to speak with healthcare authorities.For more information please visit –

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