Managing Behaviour Through Technology In The Workplace

26th February 2019

Workplaces are very different places these days, it’s not uncommon to find articles relating to any of the following when scrolling through LinkedIn:

  • Working from home is by far the most effective
  • I can’t identify with my millennial workforce
  • Why I miss the workplaces of old
  • What we can learn from the workplaces of the 80’s.

As the characteristics of our workforce begin to change beyond recognition due to technology, the behaviour and general workplace atmosphere is getting harder to monitor.

In a recent study of the HMRC workplace, “swearing and mocking colleagues seemed unremarkable.” The findings were highly damaging for the HMRC and much work is now needed to repair their reputation, but more importantly, to restore the employee’s faith in the company.

If a similar study was undertaken at your workplace, are you confident of positive results? What steps are in place to help control inappropriate behaviours?

RiskView is designed to identify bullying in the workplace and inappropriate behaviour by highlighting correspondence and documents that contain sexist, racist, derogatory and inappropriate content. Get in touchtoday to schedule a demo and start your journey towards a fairer workplace today.

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