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An established BPO partner for Transportation and Logistics companies worldwide required an intelligent enterprise application that connects people, processes, and technology so freight operations can work in harmony.

DDC AS worked collaboratively with the client throughout the development cycle to build, implement and manage the application for their global client base.

The client wanted to provide improved access to bill of lading (BOL) data for their clients. Promoting new efficiencies, driven by end-to-end transparency of driver tracking and innovative analytical functions.


DDC FPO is a strategic, market-leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company with over 30 years of experience; with 17+ years serving the Freight industry. As the Freight-focused member of the DDC Group, they are dedicated to arming ‘today’s business leaders with custom-built solutions and protect their operations, strengthen their performance and support long-term sustainable revenue growth.’

Technology continues to solidify its position in BPO and Logistics industry. Contemporary motor carriers are constantly battling to identify avenues to boost efficiency, such as drivers capturing BOL data while on the move to reduce turnaround time.

DDC identified that the majority of applications available for this process don’t adequately capture data and result in process fragmentation, human error and unnecessary costs.

DDC AS built an application for DDC FPO to offer, DDC Sync, now a market-leading enterprise solution for capturing and transmitting bill of lading (BOL) data.

The Challenge

DDC FPO are committed to protecting long-term client engagement. The acceleration of technological advancements and solutions available were affecting interactions within the BPO and Logistics industry.

Prior to DDC Sync; drivers manually keyed BOL data, issuing them to the back-office for validation and resulting in delayed decision-making.

As a direct result, the BOLs are required to be processed throughout the night. In order to achieve this their offshore locations have to work long unsocial hours, attributing unnecessary costs and scaling issues. A mechanism to capture images efficiently, display data in near real-time and measure performance was desirable.

DDC AS were tasked with driving the development cycle of an intelligent solution that enables DDC FPO’s clients to access data faster, with superior analytical understanding that builds informed contingency plans, and optimise resources in near real-time.

The Solution

DDC Sync is an enterprise technology solution that provides a powerful web-based platform for effective terminal management and actionable insights to optimise logistics planning for truly synchronised business.

Our team combined an intuitive native Android app for in-cab, intelligent BOL capture, a robust web portal with strategic support functions to empower drivers to capture BOLs faster with greater accuracy, while simultaneously reducing the workload for the back-office.

The DDC AS team successfully aligned DDC FPO’s business requirements into the technical build of the application:


  • Smart OCR Image Capture
  • BOL Inventory Management
  • Instant Report & Automated Alerts
  • Secure Communication
  • Gamification
  • Driver Tracking & GPS Tagging
  • Instant Report & Automation


DDC Sync, an enterprise solution that consolidates each function of freight operations, facilitating motor carriers to streamline back-office operations, reduce human error, grow margins, increase driver retention and expedite receivables.

The application delivers improved access to bill of lading (BOL), allowing our partners on average a six-hour gain in visibility by 6 hours and access to freight data. Providing business leaders with the ability to make more efficient and profitable routing decisions, supporting valuable relationships with partner organisations, and helping to streamline back-office operations.

One customer explained

“Prior to DDC Sync, our operations team would create a load optimization plan based only on destination zip code and tonnage from the driver at the time of pickup. Now we can make more efficient and profitable routing decisions.”

Goals achieved

  • Improved Data Viability By Six-Hours
  • Unparalleled data capture
  • Streamlined back-office procedures
  • Increased driver productivity & retention
  • Data-driven insights from superior analytical functions
  • End-to-end transparency of driver tracking
  • Real-time reporting

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