Data Analysis – Employee Surveys


An international home improvement company with over 80,000 employees engaged DDC AS to provide automation and analysis of their free text staff engagement surveys.

Within 4 weeks DDC AS provided the client with a fully categorised theme analysis. As a result the client was able to mitigate employee risk, address common issues and provide a happier and healthier workplace environment.


Our client is an international home improvement company with over 1,380 stores across 10 countries and the company had a vast net of 80,000 colleagues, many of them operating under separate retail banners worldwide. They specialise in supplying and selling home improvement materials.

The Challenge

Each year our client conducts a staff engagement survey designed to understand how employees truly feel about their working conditions within the company. Around 80,000 employees are invited to take part and from this group around 50% of respondents leave detailed comments about their experience in the free text field, yielding around 40,000 comments in more than 8 different languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

The work involved in reading, understanding, and ordering the data into a common format is no easy task and presents a real challenge for the business, compromising both time and resources in a process notoriously hard to coordinate. To gain value from the survey data that they collected, they must gain an understanding of the comments within the free text fields, enabling them to really understand what their employees are saying and whether there are commonalities across issues or positives within the group. Our client had been facing this laborious issue for a number of years.

The Solution

Following a consultation stage, DDC AS designed and deployed a number of data solutions in a rapid timeframe. The process began by importing the quantitative and qualitative survey responses gathered by ‘Gallup’ and the agents furthered to analyse all 40,000 colleague comments, creating a categorisation framework that worked across the group, regardless of language or operating company.


Our data solutions had to be flexible in their collection and also had to understand a variety of languages, something that they were trained to do from the outset. Our customisability is never limited within our design process. Our data solutions worked tirelessly to collect and harmonise all of the comments into a common format for the senior team to analyse.


In January 2017, less than 4 weeks after consultation, DDC AS had designed and delivered a number of data services to provide a full solution pathway. We were able to extract the data from our automated process and upon request, deliver a fully categorised theme analysis of 40,000 colleague comments to local operating companies across Europe in their native language, as well as a rolled-up summary for the central group.

We provided a summary that accurately concluded the 4 weeks of findings from our data solutions and confined them into a brief report. From these previously unusable data assets, our client was now able to neutralise employee frustrations and work with their staff to create a happier and healthier environment.

Goals achieved

  • Expedited data insights
  • Improved employee satisfaction visibility
  • Action on insights created a happier workplace
  • Better, faster data-driven decision making with validated and verified data
  • Reduced effort and cost

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