The Solution

DDC AS have implemented a number of forensic tools, that make up CaseView, they have supported police investigations, publishers and retailers. Take a look at the services below to see how they can support you.

  • Investigate
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  • Connexion
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  • E-Discovery
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Investigate is an operating system based application that allows a spectacular deep dive into huge numbers of documents. It has sophisticated filtering and categorising mechanisms that allow the user to work through the documents while always being supported in an intuitive manner. Investigate is the tool you use to find the ‘smoking gun.’

Connexion is an application that sits above large datasets. Its role is to discover commonalities within these data sets, without the user having to postulate or search. Connexion is the tool to use to unravel well-hidden links, patterns and in some cases conspiracies.

CaseView, as mentioned, can be utilised for many industries, our e-discovery has been hugely popular in the legal sector. The tool specialises in providing insight, helping you find the key pieces of intelligence at the heart of a case/dataset without searching and reading many thousands of documents. Discuss with us today how e-discovery can save you time whilst delivering the knowledge you need.


  • Handle vast numbers of documents efficiently

  • Cost effective eDiscovery processing

  • Smart approach to data investigation

  • Identify conspiracies and fraud using any available data

  • Assist bribery act compliance

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