Data Breaches Hit Home

5th September 2018

There has been no shortage of data breaches in the news recently, the likes of Dixons Carphone, Air Canada and Butlins all suffering. But how much attention do we pay, until it is our personal information that has been compromised? Recently, a member of our team here at The DDC Group was involved in a breach at the Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG).

The email received was rather detailed in terms of what had occurred and how they plan to proceed. What isn’t clear is what steps were in place to avoid this taking place in the first instance. It seems that the issue revolves around a third party – which will be frustrating for the RMG but unfortunately the responsibility still sits with them.

Further, the email suggests that the breach was identified on a Thursday, whilst the email was sent on the following Monday. This is reasonable, but if we read between the lines, that suggests it has taken time to implement any reaction as opposed to an existing plan being implemented immediately.

So, what can an organisation do to ensure that firstly, these kinds of breaches are avoided? Secondly, that they can be actioned immediately. Here at DDC Analytic Solutions, we have been supporting organisations with our RiskView software with their data requirements. Not only accounting for GDPR but IP loss and theft, phishing and security, plus others. RiskView also assists validation of the supply chain to ensure third-party providers are adhering to the same compliance and security standards.

To find out more about enhancing your data incident procedure with RiskView take a look or get in touch.

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