Data And Brexit: An Uncertain Future?

18th March 2019

Deal or no deal? It sounded much better coming from Noel Edmonds than it does in regard to the future of the UK. With one month to go, we are all none the wiser, but all the more frustrated.

If the proposed deal is passed, personal data will continue to flow in its current form until 2020 whilst a longer-term solution is put in place.

In the case of a no deal, you will be able to send personal data from the UK to the EEA and EU, however, they cannot send data back without an additional safeguard in place. To understand what action you need to take, check out this article: No-deal Brexit.

The key thing to consider is that this is unprecedented. This has never happened. So, despite all the calls of ‘facts’ and so on are actually right now nothing more than opinions. However, that does not mean data-driven companies can’t prepare themselves.

Step one, create a data flow map. Clearly understand where your data is moving to and from. Ideally, you’ll have this already! Once you understand which data sets may be affected, you enable yourself to react more effectively.

It is in the interest of all organisations, EU based, or UK based to ensure data moves as freely as possible, and the ICO will operate internationally to ensure that the organisations have as much information and support as possible.

If in doubt the ICO provides a huge range of information designed to support organisations through this transition.

What can DDC AS do to help?  

We are data specialists, developing software that is engineered to make the most out of your data. RiskView is here to simplify the analysis of your data estate and associated risks, organisations are using this tool day in day out to ensure they have control over their data, which in turn will make any Brexit related changes easier to manage.

Make your data journey through Brexit easier and get in touch and see what we can do to help.

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