Data Discovery

1st May 2019

It may surprise you… or not… to discover that many organisations don’t know where all of their data is stored.

It’s always safe to say that data is kept behind the walls of a database, and the only way to access that data is if you have a username and password. But do organisations and data managers consider the ways that the data entered the business? Sometimes it can be programmed to appear in the database, other times it could have to be manually entered after it had been captured from social media, online forms/chat which may have been sent to an inbox which in turn could have been forwarded on.

The threat to your organisation is now sat over multiple inboxes across your organisation.

So how do you manage your incoming data? Your customer support department, marketing, sales, HR and Accounts – who all amass vast amounts of Personal Identifiable Data (PID)?

It`s impossible to defend your IT infrastructure unless you have an up-to-date list of what you are defending. When you learn that most companies don’t maintain an active list of their assets, it`s not at all surprising that so many get breached.

The single most effective cybersecurity action an organisation can make is to assign a dedicated person to estate discovery and maintain an ongoing ‘as close to real-time’ list of the company assets connected to their IT infrastructure.

Now that we have established that estate discovery is a fundamental piece of your IT security and that without it you will almost certainly get the blame for breaches, let`s take a look at what you can do right now…

Your first step is to immediately eliminate all of those blind spots, and you should view them as black holes full of security, legal and compliance risk that need to be plugged.

Introducing RiskView.

To do that, you require a tool that will give you visibility over every part of your network; and ideally, one that conforms to estate discovery best practice.

RiskView is that tool. It is designed to eliminate manual estate discovery, therefore saving valuable time and money. It ensures the highest levels of accuracy to provide intelligent insights that can add real value. The kind of value that will locate risk even when you don`t know it’s there.

Improve compliance, productivity, and performance with DDC RiskView from day one. To learn more let’s arrange your free demo today.

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