Reduce Your Exposure to a Data Breach

18th June 2019

As specialists in developing data solutions software, we are always working with our clients to reduce their exposure to possible data breaches. So, here are some of our top tips:

Be Proactive

If you are investigated under the GDPR, one of the key things that will be examined is the proactive steps you took to avoid that very situation. The idea is to show that you did all you could, despite the attack. The fact is prevention and preparation is key, to stop data breaches entirely is an endless and impossible task.

So, be proactive, reduce your exposure and reduce the collateral damage of any future attack.

Review your Data

Do you know what is in your data estate? Or the personal data your organisation has? What is your data retention policy around that data, and who enforces it? Time to get a clear picture of all of that data and importantly, the policies that effect it, which must be up to date.

Education, Education, Education

Opinions of Tony Blaire to one side, the famous ‘education’ soundbite lives on and rings true. It’s unfeasible for an organisation to assume that its employees all understand the dangers of data and the handling of it. Educate them and give them the tools to work safely.

Invest in Security Measures

Make the most of technology and identify a tool that helps to monitor and detect data breaches. Tools designed by organisations just like ours! That has been developed to specifically support organisations with an ever-growing threat.

Supplier Agreements

Who else is tapping into your data and that of your customers? Ensure that you have the relevant data agreements in place with all suppliers and partners who may have access to, or work with your data.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Ensure you have a plan in place for when disaster does strike, reducing the damage to yourself and your customers.

What better way than to tick off some of the above than utilising DDC RiskView. It is designed to make the management of compliance, data security and risk assessment simple for businesses of all sizes. Our powerful fraud detection and leakage discovery functionality provide you with the information you need to accurately measure your organisation’s risk exposure in order to minimise potential breaches, fraud and accelerate remediation.

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