Are You Suffering A Trump Like Leak?

18th February 2019

Recently, the most powerful man in the world had his information leaked. President Donald Trump had his schedule leaked to the press. The contents of his schedule were limited, not because much was held back, just simply that he had little scheduled.

But this is not an article based on the Presidency but on data security. Worryingly, President Trump responded by reporting that getting his schedule was “very easy to do”. Which raises some concerns around his data security? So, if you are a member of the White House data security team… or just generally interested in data security, read on…

Identifying where a leak came from is always the key first step, and RiskView is designed to do exactly this. RiskView is designed to show you the movement of data and to track intellectual property that has been emailed or moved out of its given parameters.

Find out more today, and discover how RiskView can not only identify leaks but also prevent them.

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