Defence In Depth

26th April 2019

The traditional ‘defence in depth’ approach, where organisations add multiple layers of security to add redundancies, which allows for continuous protection should a mechanism fail – is under threat – from within

All it takes is one rogue operator, poorly vetted subcontractor or individual looking for a shortcut, for the layers to weaken. Many organisations do all they can to reduce risk and prevent issues before they arise. But how can you identify the insider threat, from preparation and assessment through to visibility and enforcement?

Can organisations deal with the insider threat in a holistic fashion, and take away the risk of malicious data usage?

DDC RiskView provides an extra layer to your security that enables you to identify a range of aspects that could point to an insider threat. RiskView provides to tools to be able to identify suspicious movement of data, access to restricted files and can also help detect inappropriate behaviour. Helping your business to contain business-critical information, comply with GDPR, and identify security violations before they damage your organisation.

RiskView enhances your current security strategy to offer essential and critical information on how your data is managed within your business. Schedule your free demo today and begin your journey to a secure future now.

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