Are Your Employees Adhering To Your Security Policies?

10th April 2019

Security is paramount, but when it becomes inconvenient, how many people bypass the rules? How many workers continue to use banned online storage systems such as, their own personal Dropbox? Or forwarded emails to a personal account? Sure, this seems innocent enough, but in fact, it is an informational risk for your business.

In this recent survey, we can see that a massive 84% of people have forwarded work emails to a personal account. We all know that the reasons for this could be innocent, however, your business data can end up in an unprotected environment, which could lead to a serious breach.

No company wants to run a big brother style organisation that creates an atmosphere of distrust, but something must be done to protect organisations from any potential risk. That is why tools such as RiskViewhave become so important, empowering your business to identify any files containing possible informational risk that are being sent out and even being sent in to the organisation.

RiskView can be used across all devices and run continuously to ensure that all employees can continue to operate freely, with the protection net in place of RiskView.

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