The barrier between you and your customers is gone – Introducing GDPR

10th January 2018

The barrier between you and your customers is gone – Introducing GDPR.

Come May 25th, 2018, should a customer call and implement their ‘right to be forgotten’ you’ll have 20 working days to comply or face the consequences.

The following day, you could have another 5 customers implementing this right, and the next… another 10. Can your business spare the time and expense to locate each customer’s file and search through your vast digital estate?

The message is loud and clear, we all risk massive fines and punishments should we not adhere to the new GDPR regulations, which have been designed to hand back control of personal data.

Do you understand where you are not compliant?

Many sales pitches will be from companies that can tell you how to be compliant… which is of course important. But the big task for any business will be to discover how they are not compliant. It is expected that much of the initial investment for companies will be around data discovery, as often there is little visibility of the data that is stored.

So, why perform a simple analysis to show your current level of compliance, when our DDC RiskView software will promptly deliver a thorough GDPR risk assessment. It will provide you with the exact paths to exactly where non-compliant data is being held, allowing you to utilise your resources and prioritise your biggest risks.

You’ll have 20 working days to search and then PROVE you have “forgotten” your customer – you’re now in a position to take advantage of the technology available. Preparation is key. Talk to us today to find out how we will transform this daunting business process into a straightforward, stress-free method of continually adhering to the GDPR.

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