Tis The Season For… GDPR? PT.2

27th January 2019

Santa’s Struggles

If you spend a few minutes a day scrolling through LinkedIn, you will have by now noticed the Santa and GDPR jokes starting. Whilst a joke, the message is a reality. It seems nobody is safe from the new regulations, from big business to small, right through to Santa Claus himself.

It seems jolly old Saint Nick has all of our information, he’s checking it once and he’s checking it twice with very little in the way of consent. Particularly those on the naughty list, we would suggest they would prefer their data not to be used.

I think it’s safe to assume that he has all of the latest and best security protocols in place so our data is secure, after all, he’s managed to remain hidden all this time! And no doubt he has registered as a data processor with the ICO. Whilst the mailroom at the North Pole is ready to handle any requests to remove an individual’s data.

In summary, it is safe to assume it’s not the Grinch’s Data Protection Regulation, and Christmas will remain safe.

If you`d like to understand more about GDPR and how it`s far-reaching impact affects you then please get in touch. As software producers of DDC RiskView, a tool designed to deal with GDPR we are well placed to support you and your organisation’s needs.

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