USB Sticks Banned From IBM. A Small Step In A Much Wider Issue

18th May 2018

This week the BBC reported that IBM had banned staff from using removable memory devices such as USB sticks, SD cards and flash drives. Data security is a hot topic ahead of the upcoming GDPR regulations and this kind of action is to be expected. Whilst it could be a significant step in protecting the firm against lost and misused devices containing data, it’s a move that still leaves a lot to be desired.

IBM has admitted to the likelihood of a disruptive cultural impact on the organisation, although the new General Data Protection Regulation is certainly going to have this impact anyway, so it is the right time to make the change. However, as reported in the same article, IBM has not acknowledged the many different ways in which data can be moved in and out of an organisation and that “stopping USB is not going to prevent people from stealing data.” This cautionary step is part of a wider process and should be partnered with discovery tools such as RiskView.

Our innovative tool can highlight the movement of personal identifiable data and/or intellectual property through a number of channels allowing you to prevent data breaches and IP theft. When taking steps to protect your company against data regulations, ensure you are covering all basis and consider the cultural impact of any decisions.

To learn more about RiskView, check out our animated explainer.

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