Morrison’s Data Breach

1st November 2018

As reported recently Morrisons have failed in its challenge to overturn a High Court ruling that states they are liable for a data breach. A breach that led to thousands of its employees’ details were posted online.

The data included salary and bank details, which led to the workers lodging the claim against the supermarket chain. The case is now set to head to Supreme Court.

This was an internal attack; an employee maliciously leaked the data online and sent it to newspapers. Whilst he was jailed for eight years in 2015 the issue rumbles on.

So, whilst Morrisons argue that it is not liable, we ask, could they have done anything to avoid the whole situation? The answer, of course, is absolutely! RiskView, our internal defence tool has been preventing similar cases for many organisations.

RiskView detects the movement of sensitive and critical data and will report situations where data was being taken and moved outside of the organisation`s secure data perimeter. Reporting includes the type of data, the user(s) involved, the recipient, and the method used to steal the data. Hopefully, a high-profile case like this will make firms of all sizes accept internal threats are real, and that employees now have more control over data than ever before.

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