The Morrison’s Data Breach – Revisitied

3rd April 2019

Back in November 2018, we took a look at the impact of the Morrison’s data breach. Some months on, we ask, how has this impacted the business landscape? And what can businesses do to avoid the same issues…

The story is still unresolved for Morrison’s and despite the fact it all relates to one individual within the firm they are looking at hefty compensation costs. That being said, the ICO ruled they were compliant, and no fines would be implemented from a GDPR perspective. Whilst the landscape of data breaches is finessed; it leaves many firms in a vulnerable position.

In such an uncertain climate as is the norm in the UK at the moment, who can afford to be in a vulnerable position? This has led to businesses not only ensuring they are compliant, but also investigating how they can go that extra mile, actively seek out risk, and do anything they can to minimise that risk.

That is why tools such as RiskView, have become highly sought after. Track sensitive information that is moved and keep a watchful eye on your data. Installed on as many devices as you require, it can act as a deterrent for any employees with malicious intent.

Protect your organisation today with a free trial or schedule a demo to understand how you can further enhance your data security today. Get in touch.

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