Big Screen Data Threats

27th November 2018

Television shows and movies have been predicting the future for many years, some more successfully than others. Unsurprisingly, data and information technology has been at the heart of this for many years. We are now at the stage that many of these films and their far-fetched storylines have become a reality. Even more concerning for viewers, many of the films around this topic are now based on reality e.g. Snowden (2016), starring Joseph Gordon Levitt.

We take a look at some of our favourite films and how close to reality they came:

Jurassic Park (1993)
The dinosaur film? Really? Yes! Dennis Nery hacked the mainframe to steal dinosaur DNA to sell to the ‘bad guys.’

Enemy of the State (1998)
Will Smith, through no fault of his own, finds himself in the possession of some sensitive information. He then finds himself caught between the law and Gene Hackman, who both use a range of hacking and tracking tools to hunt him down. Whilst in ’98 the tools used were frightening, many of them are simple day-to-day tools now. With the number of apps now tracking our location we suspect Will wouldn’t have lasted as long in the film.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
11 people infiltrate a casino, stealing millions of dollars in the process. They achieve this through getting people on the inside of the organisation and compromising their security. Not to mention a disgruntled competitor getting involved.

Tron (1982)

OK – we are still some way off reaching the virtual world constructed in Tron – or are we? But even so, the film centres around a computer engineer who hacks into the system to stop an internal threat against him.

What can we learn from all of this? Quite simply, no matter how unrealistic some things can seem at the time, it doesn’t mean they won’t come to fruition. Therefore, it is imperative we plan not only for current threats but potential future threats.
Further, the majority of all films in this genre involve an insider threat.  DDC RiskView is currently being implemented by a number of organisations as a defence against such threats.

Our advice to avoid becoming the leading role in your own cybercrime movie is to plan, prepare and implement software designed to seek out any potential risks as soon as possible, rather than handling it after the fact. In which case, DDC RiskView could become the star performer in your information security plan.

Contact us today to see how DDC Analytic Solutions can help, or to discuss your favourite movies!

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