Phishing Scams – An Evolving Threat

14th February 2019

Many of us, if not all of us, at some point, will have received phishing emails. Some are more obvious than others, from rich royals in a far-off nation wanting to leave you millions of dollars, to Apple asking you to check a recent non-existent purchase. One thing for certain is that our information becomes more and more valuable to cybercriminals and therefore the threats become more convincing and more serious.

So, what can be done?

Firstly, check out our latest infographic which highlights some of the key characteristics that can help you to identify a phishing email.

Designed to look like legitimate emails from possibly your colleague, CEO or supplier, a phishing email persuades individuals to reveal personal information or to click on a link that could infect your machine with malware

You can be targeted at home or at work, it may be a blanket approach, or a more deliberate attack, known as spear phishing. The most effective tool to combat against this is you! At work, report any suspicious communications (not just email) to your IT help desk. If working on a personal email account, most providers allow you to report suspicious emails or to mark them as spam. However, we are human and naturally we make mistakes and it is possible that one of these scams can get the best of us. Even internet giants like Google and Facebook got duped out of $100 million through an email phishing scheme when a hacker impersonated a computer-parts vendor.

With ever-changing tactics it’s difficult to completely block phishing emails, so how can we be more vigilant? What extra line of defence can we add to keep us secure?

DDC RiskView identifies phishing emails within inboxes, helping you to quickly contain the threat and discover the scale of risk within just a few clicks, enabling your business to better defend itself. RiskView also detects if malware has been sent out from your organisation so checks can be done to prevent botnets being created within your organisation.

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