Beating The Recruitment Process?

20th March 2019

The ICO recently shared news of a former council officer who was fined for emailing CV’s of rival job applicants to his partner.

Many of us have been in the position where we really want that job, we wonder who we are up against and wonder how our CV’s are received. How many of us have wished to apply for a job that would require to work with our partners… who knows!

However, in this case, the former employee of Nuneaton and Bedworth District Council accesses the recruitment system and emailed out rival CV’s to his partners Hotmail account. His partner was, in the end, successful in her application, although this employment was terminated when the facts came to light.

Of course, this was all highly illegal and fortunately, justice was served. The positive news here is that this data breach was identified. Would your business have been able to discover this type of breach?

RiskView delivers vital internal defence for your business; uncovering any unauthorised movement of sensitive data around and out of the business. Providing you with the tools to quickly contain a breach.

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