Subject Access Requests

9th May 2019

As control over data is handed back to individuals, Subject Access Requests (SAR`s) are already making a big impact on organisations. Previously an organisation could charge £10 for a SAR, this was both a deterrent to the individual to stop the process being abused, but also, a slight compensation to the organisation for the time and work involved. This charge, however, is no longer in place post GDPR.

Not only does a SAR require the company to provide the information but it must be in a format that the requester could understand, a further laborious step.

In the public sector it has reported that a SAR costs on average £145, with over 100 requests per year, it`s easy to see how those costs can add up. There are situations the organisation can make a charge, when it is considered `excessive`, what that actually means is hard to define.

So, what can you do to help mitigate these costs?

A tool like DDC RiskView, is perfect as it offers a SAR and redaction application, simplifying the process and therefore reducing the impact to the organisation.

Do you have the free resource to handle SAR`s? If not, let us help you move towards a more automated process today.

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