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Data Process Outsourcing

Automates the search of digital data, masks or redacts Personal Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive information or secret data, and archives the data based on internal rules and external regulations.

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Utilising our market-leading, tried, and tested components, DDC investigates your operational systems to produce comprehensive analytical reports, allowing clients a holistic understanding of their systems. Locating areas for process innovation and implementing new efficiencies to provide a frictionless experience for your end user.​

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Configurable, highly insightful, and designed to provide a quick and efficient experience for gathering extensive market data. Our experts deliver structured, easily digestible data in your favoured format; visual dashboard, written report or decision support directives.

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Outsource your invaluable yet unstructured data to our in-house experts to expedite, with confidence, the data analysis process. DDC provides each client with a tailored, turnkey experience that matches our first-class capabilities with the client’s requirements. Presenting the data in the most intuitive visualisation tools, to drive informed decisions.​

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Intelligent Data Agents

DDC AS are experts in designing and implementing contemporary data process standards. Utilising our intelligent coding ability, along with innovative tools and methods. Creating a unified structured data set, comparable to provide valuable insight that exceed the targeted business benefits.​

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Creating a coordinated inventory for your data, using metadata to collect, tag and store datasets. Organisations with successful data categorization applications, benefit from the agility of storing, sorting and retrieving data sets for business use or analysis.

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Our robust classification service systematically organises clients’ products into clearly defined categories. Achieved by writing intelligent coding to create a frictionless experience for storing, sorting, and retrieving sets of data.​

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IT Outsourcing

Due to supply chain complexity and the fact that not every company invests in technology at the same level, seamless integration continues to be a challenge. Our IT outsourcing services boost your performance while simultaneously shrinking your overheads.​

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Outsource your labour-intensive, inefficient projects to release your in-house workers for critical tasks. Our cost-effective, highly scalable services will provide innovative data capabilities and expedite sustainable growth into your operations, contributing to your bottom line.​

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Data Capture

Utilise our development expertise to build applications that automate workflows and maximise return on real-time data.

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The most accurate data structuring software on the market today. Revolutionising the way your company approaches, analyses and stores image-captured data.

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