Content Categorisation

Profound systematic taxonomy of data content. Automate the identification and categorisation of data utilising subjective rules and machine learning.


Struggling to See What’s Important?

Collecting data from multiple different sources is often the easy part; whether it’s customer reviews, news articles, client data or internal documentation. This data can often sit, filed away in unstructured formats – taking up costly storage space, as its either too time consuming to analyse – or the volume of content is too high to manage on an ongoing basis.

If you’ve gone to the effort to seek the data, the chances are that this information is important to you and your business. Not analysing or categorising these documents can leave you without the full picture and put your organisation at a disadvantage.


Common Content Categorisation Problems

Time Consuming Analysis

“We have an increasing number of customer support tickets…

...but without spending hours reading through them, I’m unable to ascertain valid inferences from large amounts of text”

Shared Meanings

“We need to extract customer information from multiple databases…

…but we can’t be sure that the data is pulling through correctly, e.g., April is being categorised as a month of the year, rather than a name”

Disparate Data Formats

“We have compiled research for product diversification…

…but we have so much research in multiple formats, and we just need to sort it into key words, themes or concepts”

No Single View of Truth

"We have various teams in multiple geographic locations working on categorising our content…

…but we have no formal rules or framework in place, resulting in inaccurate categorisation outcomes"

Non-Repeatable Processes

“We have just spent a month manually categorising customer reviews...

…but we can’t keep up with the analysis without an automated and repeatable process in place – we’re always analysing out of date information”

Data that is Relevant, Compliant and Accessible

Faster and more accurate content gathering. Access only what you need

Better identify sensitive data through increased visibility of where that data resides

Deliver immediate insights through easier retrieval of relevant data and documents

Save time and cost by automating categorisation, freeing people from manual tasks

Meet Access Control and Data Privacy guidelines by having full transparency of documentation content

Automated categorisation of your data and documents aligned to your own framework, as opposed to standard industry definitions

Maintain data integrity and ensure recoverability, traceability, and connectivity

Focus resources only on what is required for sustainable growth


Your Data Security

To ensure your data security, all customer data is encrypted and stored securely in cloud (AWS) facilities, access to this data is restricted only to the relevant services, and we monitor all access through a robust Access Control Policy. We are Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.



Industry-Leading Service & Support

DDC AS is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals. We’ll provide you with:

  • A dedicated team assigned to your project. Your team will use a highly personalised and transparent approach to identify and customise the best solutions for your specific needs
  • Expert guidance based on data and experience
  • A robust secure network data infrastructure
  • A powerful tech stack to promote interoperability and system functionality

Did you know?

We have a pool of expert Data Analysts trained across a number of industries, who can help your organisation carry out repetitive data tasks on an ongoing basis, or for one-off projects.

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