Data Audit & Fix

Utilising a customer-defined framework and automation technology, our data audit and fix solution will search across multiple systems to detect data risks, uncover hidden data, streamline disparate data, and provide you with a governance framework for your organisation to more efficiently manage its data moving forwards.


Have you Adopted Data Systems on Impulse?

Many organisations adopt systems instinctively and often without internal discussion of how these systems (and subsequently, areas of the business) will interact and function cohesively, or even whether they collectively meet your organisational objectives. This may lead to unnecessary costs and adverse impacts on business performance.

DDC AS can:

  • Examine your data estate to reveal documents, images and files that pose a risk to your organisation, regardless of device location
  • Connect internal and external data sources for a centralised view of all your business critical information
  • De-duplicate and harmonise data across siloed CRMs or other data systems
  • Work with you to implement a framework for better data governance moving forwards

The DDC AS Approach

We approach your data problems as a 5-step process. You can adopt one or more stage and evaluate the benefit to your organisation, without any further commitment to the other stages of the full data audit and fix solution. A scalable, flexible and compatible model providing you with complete control.


The key benefits of this approach are:

  • The outcome/scope of each stage informs the following stage
  • You can complete each stage at your own pace
  • You can separately contract each stage of the service
  • You are able to continue normal operations whilst your systems are live

It’s Time to Tackle Data Inefficiencies

Our data-driven culture and first-rate capabilities drive efficiency, quality, and accuracy into your data management systems; providing you with a holistic understanding of your operational systems; key personnel engagement, areas for process innovation, implementation of new efficiencies, as well as mitigating risk and waste.

Gain an holistic understanding of data landscape, to improve business agility

Improve staff coordination and collaboration to drive higher
employee productivity & satisfaction

Implement hyper-automation to reduce operational costs

Focus resources only on what is required for sustainable growth

Identify security threats in everyday system usage, reducing costly data breaches

Improve user accountability and compliance with internal rules and external regulation

Drive operational efficiencies to increase productivity

Streamline operational systems to better serve your customers

Experts at Fixing, Managing & Integrating Data


Your Data Security

To ensure your data security, all customer data is encrypted and stored securely in cloud (AWS) facilities, access to this data is restricted only to the relevant services, and we monitor all access through a robust Access Control Policy. We are Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.



Industry-Leading Service & Support

DDC AS is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals. We’ll provide you with:

  • A dedicated team assigned to your project. Your team will use a highly personalised and transparent approach to identify and customise the best solutions for your specific needs
  • Expert guidance based on data and experience
  • A robust secure network data infrastructure
  • A powerful tech stack to promote interoperability and system functionality

Did you know?

We have a pool of expert Data Analysts trained across a number of industries, who can help your organisation carry out repetitive data tasks on an ongoing basis, or for one-off projects.

How Can We Help You?

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