Data Harmonisation

Utilising a contemporary data process, tools, and methods to create a unified structured data set.


Is Disparate Data Impacting your Business Processes?

It’s likely that your organisation and its stakeholders all use separate systems that record data differently. Systems are often adopted instinctively and for individual functional need, or simply due to software preference.

This often means that organisations can be left with vast amounts of data in multiple variations; whether that be data types, file types or labelling conventions. It makes all types of business process infinitely more difficult – from BI reporting and analytics, through to customer management and compliance.


Common Disparate Data Problems

Time Consuming Analysis

“We have too many separate data sets…

…we need to perform the same analysis on all of them, but we must do them individually as the data is recorded differently in each system. The process needs streamlining”

Poor Data Consistency

“We need to understand our customers…

…but our customer data is stored across multiples systems, and we can’t tell what’s accurate or whether the data is up to date”

Skill Shortages

“We have too many separate data sets that need to be unified…

…but we do not have the in-house capabilities to achieve the desired accuracy”

No Data Strategy

“We are on a path of implementing a new process to reduce operational costs, as well as ensuring we are compliant…

…but we are unsure of the most effective and favourable direction for harmonising our data”

Slow Decision Making

“We need a quick snapshot of our business…

…but our data doesn’t exist in a single place and single format and it’s making us slow to react to changes. We don't know how to expedite the process”

Quicker Access to Accurate & Relevant Data

DDC AS’ innovative approach to data harmonisation means your organisation can reduce the effort and wastage associated with
analysing and utilising disparate data sets; providing peace of mind that your data is accurate and consistent, now and in the future.

Quicker Access to Accurate & Relevant Data

Reduction of operational & data storage costs through eliminating waste within data sets

Provide granularity to make informed decisions

Consistent, standardised, accurate and comprehensive data formats providing a big picture view

Streamline the process of storing and retrieving sets of data

Ensure customer records are clean, accurate and up to date to eliminate financial loss or customer conflict

Drive a data-first culture into your operations

Instant access to pre-built tried and tested solution to gain a competitive advantage

The DDC AS Approach

Using our intelligent process automations to drive operational efficiencies and cost savings. Whether it’s maximising the value of disparate data sources, cleansing data assets, or presenting high relevancy we have a solution for you.

Experts at Fixing, Managing & Integrating Data


Your Data Security

To ensure your data security, all customer data is encrypted and stored securely in cloud (AWS) facilities, access to this data is restricted only to the relevant services, and we monitor all access through a robust Access Control Policy. We are Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.



Industry-Leading Service & Support

DDC AS is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals. We’ll provide you with:

  • A dedicated team assigned to your project. Your team will use a highly personalised and transparent approach to identify and customise the best solutions for your specific needs
  • Expert guidance based on data and experience
  • A robust secure network data infrastructure
  • A powerful tech stack to promote interoperability and system functionality

Did you know?

We have a pool of expert Data Analysts trained across a number of industries, who can help your organisation carry out repetitive data tasks on an ongoing basis, or for one-off projects.

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