Operational Data Analysis

DDC AS foundations are built on our ability to provide market-leading data analysis solutions globally. Use these solutions and gain actionable insights to inform a significantly fact-based business strategy.


Informed Decisions are Impossible with Partial Data

The amount of data businesses possess is growing exponentially, but it’s the lack of actionable data causing businesses to fall short.

Often inordinate, disparate data (data in multiple formats) or decentralised information makes effective analysis difficult. It might show only a partial picture and make factual-based business decisions somewhat impossible.


Common Business Data Problems

Inordinate Data Quantity

“We have more data than ever before on multiple devices and storage facilities etc…

…we simply can’t process it”

Partial Customer Picture

“We have 100,000 conversations a day with our customers…

…but we don’t know what any of them are saying”

Cost Inefficient

“We outsource 600,000 documents a year for manual tagging…

…it’s the biggest cost that we can’t reduce”

Social Noise

“More and more people use the web and social networks to pass comments and share opinions about our business…

…we don’t have time to monitor it all, every day”

No Risk Transparency

“We have implemented several policies that our employees must follow for us to remain compliant…

…but we have no oversight of whether this is being adhered to - it puts us at risk and our business continuity plan may fail”

Discover New Efficiencies & Insights

We will use our advanced data extraction software to automate the collection, organisation and analysis of data, without limit to type, capacity, or data source. Our service works collaboratively with your key personnel to determine your specific requirements. Reliance is then on DDC AS to gather, extract, classify, theme, relate and create an all-inclusive report that matches your specifications, either as a one-off project or as a continuous process of data research and evaluation.

Inform decision-making with advanced analytical understanding

Focus resources only on what is required for sustainable growth

Streamline data analysis process to better serve your customers

Quickly and consistently analyse real-time data to improve proactivity

Identify security threats in your operational data, actively reducing risk and costly data breaches

Instant access to pre-built tried and tested solutions to gain competitive advantage

Personalise and optimise the customer experience with reliable data

Experience new efficiencies through identifying areas for process innovation

The DDC AS Approach

Each client’s requirements, position, and strategic direction are specifically matched to our resources and automated specialties, with individual analysis plans agreed on.

DDC AS believes in the bigger picture. Our intelligent automation software, underpinned by an invaluable expert mindset, creates a plethora of cost-effective, efficiency driven, solutions for your company.


Your Data Security

To ensure your data security, all customer data is encrypted and stored securely in cloud (AWS) facilities, access to this data is restricted only to the relevant services, and we monitor all access through a robust Access Control Policy. We are Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.



Industry-Leading Service & Support

DDC AS is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals. We’ll provide you with:

  • A dedicated team assigned to your project. Your team will use a highly personalised and transparent approach to identify and customise the best solutions for your specific needs
  • Expert guidance based on data and experience
  • A robust secure network data infrastructure
  • A powerful tech stack to promote interoperability and system functionality

Did you know?

We have a pool of expert Data Analysts trained across a number of industries, who can help your organisation carry out repetitive data tasks on an ongoing basis, or for one-off projects.

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