IT Systems Impact On Staff Wellbeing

23rd April 2019

As data security continually rises in importance, more organisations than ever are implementing software and AI to monitor staff activity.

Much of the press that surrounds this has been negative, suggesting it can add a feeling of distrust and pressure on staff. Whilst it can be argued that if staff are working correctly, they have nothing to fear, many of us have experienced the challenge of working in a constrained environment and the impact that can have on our work and personal wellbeing.

It may not be all negative, as it could monitor high performers and identify key performance indicators that could be used to improve the wider team.

So, how should organisations act in this arena? The Guardian discussed it in this recent article. From a DDC AS perspective, we believe there is a place for this kind of technology, but the key is for organisations to be really specific on what they want to track and be clear with their staff on the reasoning.

RiskView, can help increase productivity, protect the wellbeing of employees, educate staff and protect your organisation at all levels by:

  • Identifying inappropriate communications (such as, bullying).
  • Discovering who has sensitive content on their devices such as restricted files.
  • Who emails sensitive business content to personal or competitor email accounts?


No privacy issues, no pressure, just protection for your company and those within it.

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