Do You Have True Visibility of Your Data?

2nd July 2019

In this recent article from Help Net Security, it was stated 89% of large enterprises have concerns based on lack of visibility and insight into trusted data.

The survey discussed in the article is full of fascinating stats about the ongoing trouble security teams have in managing such a complex environment. It was stated that, on average, these teams are trying to manage 57.1 different tools.

In any department, we all have lots of moving parts to take watch over, however, 57.1 parts that are so critical is quite the challenge. Failure in any one of those could lead to regulatory failure and therefore, opening up the organisation to punishment.

Then we ask, what can we do help? Naturally, adding yet another security tool to the mix seems like a bad idea. However, what if that tool can give you a view of your entire data estate? Can give you the whole picture from across all of these tools rather than lots of smaller views that have to be manually pulled together?

That tool exists and it exists in the form of RiskView. Adhere to regulations and simplify your workload today with a free trial or get in touch to see how you else RiskView is transforming data security for a range of organisations.


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