Irreversibly remove sensitive information from any electronic document

Eliminate disclosure risk with digital redaction.

Automatically Find and Remove Sensitive Business Information

SmartRedact completely removes and replaces any personal identifiable data and sensitive business
information marked for redaction. Once redacted, it’s as if the information never existed.

Redact Any Document

We can work with all file types, including iMap, G-Suite, Microsoft 365 Suite and more.

Reduce Disclosure Time

Automatic redaction suggestions radically reduces the time it takes to redact and review a document and the time for disclosure.

Automated Redaction

The auto-redact feature identifies all personal identifiable data and intellectual property for fast, efficient and accurate redaction.

Protect Against Accidental Information Disclosure

Automate the identification and protection of sensitive information, allowing your teams to search across large data sets and automatically redact user defined terms.

Manual Redaction

Redact additional content for additional control. Any reoccurring instances of manually selected information will automatically be highlighted throughout the document and can be added to your redaction directory.

Bracketed Text Redaction

Developed of the legal sector, our service automatically highlights content contained within brackets for redaction, eliminating manual processing of potentially sensitive information.

Redaction Directory

Automatically add company sensitive information to your directory for auto highlight and redaction and build up your common redaction terms to streamline your redaction process.

Redaction Justifications

Protect your business from further queries on the reason content was redacted. Justifications codes and text can be added to ensure consistency from an audit perspective and to provide transparency.

Document Location Links

The documents for redaction may reside on a number of individual devices, reduce the time for document elimination or replacement and ensure all copies of the same document are secured.

Audit Logs

Provide clarity and comply with policies and regulations with the audit logs, providing evidence of why content has been redacted, when it was redacted and by who.

Redaction made simple.

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