Organisations Relationship with Cybersecurity and their Workforce – In Scope

15th May 2019

Organisations Relationship with Cybersecurity and their Workforce – In Scope. 

Internal data security incidents are a reality, since 2016 the average number of incidents involving an employee or contractor negligence has increased by 26% (Ponemon). In a GDPR world, how do organisations protect information but also, offer remote working and a trusting work environment?

In this article we take a look at helping you become a progressive organisation without the risk, building a next generation working environment whilst protecting your data and maximising the capabilities of your workforce.

GDPR:Report recently reported on a research project that investigated the element of trust in this complex world of data security.

The key findings were around the role that technology can play. An overwhelming 92% of those surveyed agreed that technology would be crucial in monitoring insider threats.

Whilst technology should not be the only consideration – organisations should be training staff and creating awareness around data security – it is clearly core to any strategy.

That’s why software such as, RiskView is more popular than ever before. It is designed to actively prevent business critical data leakage. Give your staff the confidence that they can operate within your security protocol whilst enabling you to trust the workforce.

Above we cited the role that training can have on creating a more stringent team, but is a blanket approach correct? What of those employees that treat data security with the greatest of care? As an organisation do you have a view on those who fall in to this category? RiskView can help identify who requires additional training and who just needs the occasional refresher, taking your training budgets even further.

Begin your journey today. 

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